Election Nov. 5 Election Results

Nov. 5 Election Results


The following are unofficial election results. Osage County will canvass on Nov. 15.

State constitutional amendment

The Kansas Eliminate Revision of Census Population Amendment was a statewide ballot measure. A yes vote for the ballot measure would end the requirement that the State of Kansas adjust census results to exclude nonresident military personnel and students when redistricting the Kansas State Legislator. A no vote would have continued the practice.

Yes 1,043

No 1,003

Burlingame sales tax

The City of Burlingame also had a municipal ballot question: Shall the following be adopted? Shall a retailer’s sales tax in the amount of one-half percent (1/2%) be levied in the City of Burlingame, Kansas, for the purpose of improving infrastructure of the City including improvements to the sidewalks and streets, to take effect July 1, 2020?

Yes 104

No 64

Municipal Elections



Vikki DeMars 147

City Council (vote for 3) 

Sheila Curtis 126

Leslie D. Holman 125

Amanda Kohlman 137

Larry Robinson 55


City Council (vote for 2)

Larry L. Hinck 114



Gene Hirt 34

Steven Morrison 178

City Council (vote for 2)

Lynn Atchison 135

Doug Harty 100

Bill Patterson 98


City Council (vote for 2)

Russ Vest 17

write-in 83

Osage City


Rebecca A. (Becky) Brewer 371

City Council

Ward 1

Denise Lauber 85

Ward 2

Sharon Larson 37

Ward 3

Cathryn Houghton 125

Ward 4

Dale J. Schwieger 115


City Council (vote for 2)

Fred Sweetwood 51

John Wilson 28

write-in 60


City Council (vote for 3)

Brenda Lester 54

Michael J. Meenen 87

Amy Jo Miner 90

Tim Nedeau 93

Frontier Extension District

Nina J. Flax 1,468

Brett A. Karr 1,334

School Board Elections

USD 420 

Position 1 District A

David L. Williams 297

Tyler Parsons 240

Position 2 District B

Brian E. Poertner 151

Kelli Bowin 396

Position 3 District C

Brent A. Johnson 269

PJ Heptinstall 268

Position 7 At-Large

Kat Bellinger 347

Robert Shaffer 184

USD 421

Position 1A

Eric Ratzloff 294

Position 2A

David Brecheisen 186

Doug Shoup 171

Position 3A

Chris Cole 313

Position 4A 

Joe Isch 287

USD 434

Position 1

Jason Supple 579

Position 2

Justin Ramsdell 578

Position 3

Liz Maisberger-Clark 554


Madison (Swisher) Sowers 583

USD 454

Position 1 District 1

Melissa Droege 245

Position 7 At-Large

Donna Young 205

USD 456

Position 1 District 1

Gregory D. McCurdy 196

Position 2 District 2

Beth Weimer 194

Position 3 District 3

Michael R. Ragan 210

Position 7

Joe Arb 196

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