Uncategorized Carbondale reviews neighborhood watch, reserve officer

Carbondale reviews neighborhood watch, reserve officer


CARBONDALE—Shannon Seals, Carbondale police officer, addressed the city council in place of Gordon Smith, police chief, who was unable to attend the Dec. 5 regular meeting.

Seals informed the council the Neighborhood Watch program had concluded for 2016 with great success and would resume after the first of the year. The assignment of neighborhood watch captains and other officers will be determined at that time. Neighborhood cleanups and other activities will also be set up.

“The chief also wanted me to present to you was for the council to hire Kevin Seals as a reserve officer,” Seals said.

“I’m not sure you and him could get along very well working together,” said Cheryl Lister, council member, drawing laughter from the audience.

The two officers are married.

“I think your husband would be a good candidate for reserve officer, but the thing is it may put you in a position as you being the direct boss of your husband, And that’s a conflict of something,” said Larry Hinck, council member. “I’m not saying he isn’t a good one, but I want to bring that up. My wife is an excellent at bossing me around.”

“I think I can be fair to him just as I am to anybody else,” Seals said. “It doesn’t make any difference if you guys decide for him to be a reserve or not, that’s not the motivation. It’s because he is my husband.”

“I think if we were to hire him, you would not be able to be his direct supervisor,” said Mike Fulton, mayor.

“And that’s fine,” said Seals.

Sue DeVoe, city attorney, noted a section in the employment handbook concerning nepotism.

Hinck made a motion to assign Kevin Seals as a reserve officer for the city of Carbondale. The council approved.

“I’ve already brought to Gordon about him working, being out on the same shift together,” said John Ryan, council member. “I’m not so concerned about her being hard on him or him being hard on her, but I am concerned about him being over-protective of her by getting into a situation. It’s a natural thing as a husband to react in that manner.”

“Somebody’s got to be home with the kids, so he won’t be out when I’m out working,” Seals said.

In other business, the council:

• approved the letter of demolition for 302 Main, new location of the Carbondale Library. Demolition was completed last week by JAG Trucking from Osage City. Jason Gilliland, owner of JAG Trucking, was present at the meeting and the council thanked him for an excellent job of cleaning up the site.

• approved to extend contract with Carbondale Vet Clinic with slight increases in pricing for services.

• tabled travel policy until December 19 meeting

• tabled charter ordinance for Recreation committee until December 19 meeting

• approved $700 for Jayhawk Computers for backup fee

• approved $50 for employees as a Christmas bonus

• paid JAG Trucking for demolition of the former lumber yard and proposed city library site.

“When we originally approved this, we approved up to $20,000,” said Paula Tryon, city clerk. “We paid $11,266.17 on the land, and with this, to JAG Trucking $12,600.”

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