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Scranton council member rescinds resignation


SCRANTON—The Nov. 15 regular meeting of the Scranton City Council began with a full chamber, including Amy Miner, who announced her resignation at the previous meeting of the council.

Gary Burkdoll, mayor, called the meeting to order and asked for a member of the council to make a motion to move into an executive session.

“That would be to out Amy present, since she resigned her position last time,” said Burkdoll.

“Since I withdrew my resignation, no action was taken, I am on the council,” Miner said.

“Action was taken,” said Gary Burkdoll. “I accepted your resignation.”

“You cannot make a motion to accept the resignation,” Miner said. “It needs to be voted on by the council.”

Todd Luckman, city attorney, said the council member is entitled to serve on the council until the position is filled, but didn’t comment on whet the resignation has been accepted.

“Maybe we‘ll talk about that in an attorney-client privilege executive session,” Luckman said.

Randy Ming, council member, followed up with a motion to convene an executive session for 15 minutes for attorney-client privilege.

Upon return to open session, Gary Burkdoll attempted to fill Miner’s seat.

“I would like to appoint Robert Sims to fill the empty seat vacated by Amy Miner,” Burkdoll said.

Miner maintained her seat had not been vacated. Gary Burkdoll then attempted to end the meeting.

“I’m going to ask that we adjourn this meeting until we resolve this matter,” Burkdoll said.

“Gary, we were chosen to lead this city,” said Tim Nadeau, council member. “To act like a 3-year-old throwing a fit isn’t going to do it

“Well, you know, Tim, I’ve listened to you act like a little kid for about as long as I’m going to,” said Gary Burkdoll.

Jennifer Burkdoll, council member, requested the council go into executive session with Luckman again for five minutes. No reason was given to for the session.

Following the session, Miner directed publically recanted her resignation at the last meeting.

“I want to apologize for my hasty resignation at the last meeting,” Miner said. “I have rescinded that resignation. I was elected by the people and the people I will serve. I will not give up my seat.”

Citizen concerns

Several citizens were on the agenda to voice their concerns about topics, including street lighting, chlorine in the water, potholes, replacement of transformers and unfinished yard from sewer project and zoning.

“We are not chlorinating the water right now,” said Wes Wright, maintenance worker. “Rural water is adding it, but we are not. The automatic chlorine additive is turned off and will be off until spring.

“I was gone on Oct. 31 when KDHE came to inspect, but I wasn’t notified that they were there,” Wright said. “I was home sick for two days, and I wasn’t contacted that the KDHE was in town. I wear a radio for that purpose to be contacted at any time.”

“Why do certain parts in town have higher levels of chlorine?” Ming asked. “It seems that everyone close to the pump house is having trouble with higher concentrations of chlorine versus the residents further away from the pump house.”

Billy Brandt, resident, asked Wright when the transformer was going to be replaced.

“I said that I would come and look at it,” Wright said. “I don’t have any extra help and since I’m not a licensed electrician, I’ll have to get one here to help with that.”

Joe McDaniel, resident, said it has been over three months and a week since the sewer project work had been completed and his yard was still not finished.

“I’d just like to know when this is going to be done,” McDaniel said. “You can’t run a lawn mower on it as its not level. I’ve made numerous calls and nothing has happened.”

Wright offered to bring fill dirt to help spread the dirt through the yard. The council approved a motion for the city to pay up to $500 for completing McDaniel’s yard.

In other business, the council:

• heard from Ray Morris, resident, who questions Gary Burkdoll’s building permit for his property.

“Your property modification doesn’t meet the square footage zoning requirements,” Morris said. “Your house is 640 square foot and it doesn’t meet criteria.”

After argument between the parties, Luckman, said he felt the property met setback requirements.

• heard from Gary Burkdoll informing the council that he had been in communication with Pat Cox from BG Consultants, Inc. asbout the playground equipment replacement parts. Cox was continuing to research this and would get back to the mayor when he had more information.

• approved a $100 donation for a Christmas give-away at Carl’s Tire. Carl Wall is collecting donations around the county for repairing a car for someone that needs transportation. Wall stated this give-away is only for residents in Osage County.

• approved a liquor license for Scranton Tavern and a cereal malt beverage license for Casey’s General Store.

• approved Scranton Fire Department requests for materials to upgrade the department up to $11,000. Ken Croucher presented a four-page listing of items needed to keep the department maintained. The material listing included items ranging from electronics to tires.

• approved to pay Wright expenses from his Garden City trip for certification but will not be paid for the trip to Olathe using his own vehicle to obtain a part for the city.

• approved Thanksgiving gift cards and Christmas dinner for city employees. The council also donated $150 for a miniature horse cart rides on Dec. 11.

• approved to pay all bills presented to the council.

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