Uncategorized Senior center plans to adjust usage agreements

Senior center plans to adjust usage agreements


LYNDON—Stephanie Watson and Nancy Durbin, Osage County Senior Center, discussed the center’s relationship with several organizations during Monday’s meeting with the Osage County Board of Commissioners.

Watson said the center had received another draft of an agreement with the Mid-American Nutrition Center.

“She added some things,” Watson said. “Annual tornado and fire drills. We’ve never conducted annual tornado and fire drills. It’s their regulation that Mid-America Nutrition needs to conduct those.”

Watson informed commissioners she wished to strike the item from the contract.

“Tell them our insurance doesn’t have any requirements, but they’re welcome to conduct them at their own convenience,” said Ken Kuykendall, commissioner.

Watson also discussed pest control requirements for the nutrition center.

“I did some research,” Watson said. “They are responsible for their own pest control, and that needs to be documented.”

Watson said the nutrition site required monthly pest control, while the senior center is only required to perform the task quarterly.

“I can guarantee you that will not meet their state requirements,” Watson said.

Watson also discussed several ongoing agreements with other local organizations. She had recently informed renters that she wished to standardize building rental beginning Jan. 1, 2017.

“We have some disgruntled renters,” Watson said. “We’re trying to figure out how to do all this fairly.”

She said rates varied greatly based on agreement made before she began oversight of the center.

Watson and Durbin discussed options for rental agreements with commissioners, including fees for using the kitchen, deposits and non-profit rates.

“What do you suggest?” asked Gaylord Anderson, chairman. “We be thinking about this and come up with something?”

“Please do,” Watson said. “We’ll think about this and give you some sort of options.”

Watson also brought up the possibility of raising the rental price for the building from $50 to $75.

“We are one of the lowest, and we do have one of the finest facilities in Osage County,” Watson said.

She also discussed plans to re-negotiate arrangement with COF, Inc., to allow the center to use office space used by the organization.

“I sent the letter for COF as well,” Watson said. “They weren’t happy about the Nov. 1 date, but hopefully they’re obliged to it. I pro-rated the fee.”

“It’s strictly a space issue,” Ken said. “We’re running out of room, and there isn’t anywhere else to put us.”

Commissioners scheduled further discussion of the building use contract for 9 a.m. Oct. 31.

In other business, commissioners:

• heard from Larry Hinck, Carbondale City Council, who thanked the county for new culverts around the Carbondale Cemetery.

Hinck also asked the county about reduced rates at the transfer station for demolition of the old lumberyard in Scranton. The site was recently purchased by the city for a proposed project to build a new library.

Commissioners agreed to a 25 percent reduction in fees for municipalities bringing in items for pre-approved projects aimed at improving the cities.

• were notified of a $2,000 balance remaining of a risk avoidance grant awarded to the county. Commissioners discussed applying it to guards placed on the front of sheriff’s office patrol vehicles.

“She’s put more than enough of those things on cars to get that reimbursed,” Kuykendall said. “They’re all convinced that’s what saved Scott Brenner’s life.”

Brenner’s vehicle was recently backed over during a police chase that originated in Shawnee County.

The grant must be fulfilled by Dec. 15.

• approved purchase of a Chevrolet diesel pickup truck for the road and bridge department from Branine Motors, Osage City, for $40,351.30.

• approved a measure to allow entities to collect tax disbursements from the county electronically.

• approve a six-month 25 cent per hour increase for Angela Drown; a five –year 25-cent per hour raise for Lesley Burner, sheriff department; a one-year 25 cent per hour raise for Nolan Thompson, jailer; the resignation of Arthur Wilbur, Jr., sheriff’s department; and employment of Cecil Walker, road and bridge department.

• conducted a 10-minute executive session with Kim Lauffer, appraiser, Rhonda Beets, county clerk, and Pat Walsh, county counselor.

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