Uncategorized Burlingame Rodeo Days rides surge in attendance

Burlingame Rodeo Days rides surge in attendance


BURLINGAME—Burlingame sprouted to life on the near perfect spring weekend that hosted the town’s annual Rodeo Days celebration on May 20 and 21. The amount of activities and community member attendance both increased greatly from recent years.

“There has been a tremendous improvement,” said David Prescott, a member of the Burlingame Saddle Club and President of the Burlingame Chamber of Commerce. Prescott assisted in who contributed planning events for the weekend. “The reason (for the improvement) is the working together of the strong group of people in Burlingame.”

Rodeo Days kicked off Friday evening with the first night of the rodeo. On Saturday, the true celebration began with a day full of activities for those of all ages. Around 40 vendors, who sold everything from food to clothing to knick-knacks, lined a one-block section of Santa Fe Ave., Burlingame’s main street. Inflatables, mini-train rides, a book sale and a quilt show were also packed along the street.

“Many of the vendors said they wanted to come back next year,” said Mark Hecht, who helped organize the Rodeo Days events. “We are building on the event for next year. Overall, this year was an awesome day thanks to the full participation from the community.”

On the other main street portion of Santa Fe Ave. was a “Braken on the Bricks” car show, which hosted nearly 20 classic cars. Chainsaw sculpting that allowed attendees to witness first-hand how wood could be crafted or carved into art using chainsaws could also be found nearby.

Other happenings for the day included a tractor show and a Farm Bureau Pedal Pull at the city park. Plus, there was a pie-judging contest, a cutest baby contest and pony rides. The cutest baby contest played into the western theme by selecting the cutest babies of select age groups as well as selecting the cutest cowboy and cowgirl of all ages.

The downtown celebrations were nearing an end at 3 p.m. with the “Salute to the American Cowboy” parade. The approximate 30 entries in the parade was a dramatic increase than more recent years. There were almost enough entries to allow the entire parade to wrap around Burlingame’s two-block main street.

Finally, the night and weekend rounded off with a Saturday night rodeo. The favorable weather brought out record attendance for the finale of Rodeo Days weekend.

“We had record numbers at the rodeo,” said Patty Atchison, who also helped with planning Rodeo Days. “This was the best rodeo we have ever had, and it went very well. We want to build on all of it next year.”

Burlingame Rodeo Days contest results


The first place winner was Linda Eyelander. Burlingame 4-H took second place. Al Bunting of Bunting Ranch took third place.

Baby Contest

Zero to six month old girl—Amaia Burton, daughter of Nick Burton and Amanda Burd; zero to six month boy—Dominic Horne, son of Sara Horne.

Seven to 12 month girl—Adelynn Romine, daughter of Zack Romine and Megan Schultz; seven to 12 month boy—Dominick Hall, son of Nathan Hall and Audra Kinsley.

Thirteen to 18 month old girl—Zoe Garner, daughter of Robert Garner and Brooke Self; 13 to 18 month boy—Calvin Bailey, son of Donnie and Anna Bailey.

Nineteen to 24 month girl—Reighlynn Campbell, daughter of Eric and Ashley Campbell; 19 to 24 month boy—Leyton Hall, son of Matt and Holly Hall.

Best cowgirl—Amaia Burton; best cowboy—Leyton Hall.

Tractor Show

The people’s choice winner was Rosie Burgess. The best of show winner was Fred Diver. The farthest traveled winner was Richard Runnebaum.

Pie Judging Contest

The senior division winner was Shirley Buek. Rozetta Keim took second place. In third place was Jamie Parnell.

The youth division winner was Kieren Shultz. Lilly Schultz took second place. Isaac Shultz took third place.

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