Uncategorized County prepares for Burlingame Road resurfacing

County prepares for Burlingame Road resurfacing


LYNDON—Glen Tyson, county road and bridge supervisor, updated the Osage County Commissioners on plans to resurface the paved road north of Burlingame.

“Burlingame Road has been a back-and-forth road for some time,” Tyson said.

Tyson said he met with Kellogg Construction, Ottawa, to discuss the project

“We went up and took a tour of it, got out and kicked the side of the road some,” Tyson said. “They shot back a pretty good quote on leveling this road up.”

Tyson said the estimate for the project came to around $350,000. The work would begin at 157th Street, stretch north four miles to 125th Street, continue one mile east to Auburn Road, and two miles north to the county line.

“We always split there when we’ve done sealing programs in the past,” Tyson said. “The two miles north has been done more recently. It’s in its rotation. Five years since we’ve done any major work there.”

The project would lay around 6,000 tons of asphalt on the roadway at various depths to even out dips and sags in the road.

“Do you have that in the budget?” asked Ken Kuykendall, commissioner.

“We’re probably going to be a little more scarce on some of my other projects,” Tyson said. “Melvern is set to be sealed, but we’ll probably just patch the worst of places. We’ve got a stretch north of Overbrook I’d like to do at some point.”

Tyson said he’d bring the project back for approval.

“Let me run some more figures and bring it down next week and find out when they could do it if we gave them the green light,” Tyson said. “I think it’d be a good idea.”

Guardrail work

Commissioners also discussed a planned project to place and repair guardrail at several sites around the county.

“How much of it are on actual bridges,” asked Kuykendall, referring to prior discussion to use remaining bridge bond funds for the project.

Tyson indicated five of the eight planned locations for guardrail work were located at bridge. Pat Walsh, county counselor, weighed in on where they could spend the remaining $160,000 in bridge bonds.

“He’s of the opinion we ought to spend that on bridges,” Kuykendall said.

“There’s an argument,” Walsh said.

Kuykendall suggested some of the remaining funds come out of the Federal land entitlement fund, collected from tax dollars forfeited to the land around the federal reservoirs.

“There’s $276,000 in Federal land entitlement fund,” said Rhonda Beets, county clerk. “I don’t know if this year’s money has come in.”

“There ought to be another $80,000 coming in there,” Kuykendall said.

“Lets have Glen find the numbers for this, maybe we can keep pursuing this thing,” said Gaylord Anderson, chairman. “Let’s keep working on that.”

In other business, commissioners:

• heard a presentation from Doug Constantz, of 360 Document Solutions, Shawnee, on a new copier lease for the clerk’s office, who presented a $329.90 monthly lease on a black and white Kyocera copier at 4,392 copies per month, with a 1.2 cent per copy overage.

• approved Tyson sign off on a lease agreement for the a mower for the road and bridge department, one approved by Walsh.

• approved purchase order 3164 for a $1,000 for a production of a disaster response first responder class, hosted by Bryce Romine, emergency management director.

• approved a Casey’s General Store credit card for the emergency management department.

• approved ice shield from the six sheriff’s department repeater towers for $5,265.

• approved purchase order 3170 for $1,000 to purchase paper for treasurers department, and tabled a purchase-request for a sixth-month subscription for the treasurers department .

• held an executive session for 15 minutes to discuss attorney-client discussion with Walsh.

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