Uncategorized Speed-bumps approved for southeast Overbrook

Speed-bumps approved for southeast Overbrook


A local citizen presented a concern with traffic safety around First Street and Sunflower Drive Road to the Overbrook City Council at its Oct. 14 regular meeting.

“My neighborhood has become a speedway for several young drivers that live in this area and I am concerned for the safety of the young children in our locality,” said Anschutz. “I realize law enforcement cannot be present 24/7, but I am coming to the council for some kind of direction to at least curb the lack of respect from the younger drivers in the intention that no one gets injured.”

Terry Hollingsworth, police chief, recognized the issue.

“I am aware of this situation and like you said, it’s impossible for us as a department to monitor that particular area 24/7,” Hollingsworth said. “We have stopped the individuals that live in that area and warned them to slow down. There is also disregard for the posted speed limit signage as well as from these young drivers.”

“We as a neighborhood do not want a statistic of one of the small children, but are looking at least to find a solution that will make them slow down,” said Anschutz. “I personally believe speed bumps would detour some of the speeding.”

Don Schultz, mayor, directed the inquiry of how much the speed bumps would cost to maintenance supervisor Don Bryant. Bryant estimated them to be around $500 each.

“How many bumps do you think are needed?” Schultz asked Anschutz.

“There needs to be at least two, or possibly three,” said Anschutz. “If the city can’t afford to pay for these, I would be more than willing to help pay for them. You can’t put a price on the safety of young children.”

Jana Erickson said she had a daycare and there have been numerous times while outside with the children that their presence is ignored by speeders. She questioned why some the younger drivers are even in that area of the community, as they do not live there.

Trudy Anschutz and Polly Berkley were also in attendance at the council meeting in support of the request.

After discussion, Schultz asked the council if they wanted to proceed with the possibility of acquiring speed bumps. Carol Baughman, council member, made a motion to proceed with the proper inquiry of the speed bumps and if these can be legally set in the areas in question.

Michael Coffman, city attorney, said he would need to review the legality of placing them in that area.

Baughman amended her motion to allow up to $1,500 for installing the traffic controls. The motion passed.

Schultz said from last month’s regular meeting, the council approved a one-year allowance for Overbrook resident Kevin Welch to comply with Ordinance 353. Schultz clarified the extension is to allow Welch to remove the tractor only.

Hollingsworth reported to the council for code compliance officer Tyler Torneden, who was absent from the council meeting, about the issuance of an abatement letter to 205 Surrey Lane on Sept. 27. Hollingsworth informed the council that the owner has refused to sign for the citations previously. The abatement letter was hand delivered to the resident. Both officers explained to the resident that he was not in compliance with the city’s codes. Hollingsworth said fines are accumulating at $100 per day.

Hollingsworth said a counterfeit $100 bill was passed at Casey’s for a $4 purchase. Hollingsworth has turned this case over to the Secret Service for further investigation.

In other business, the council:

• convened a 10-minute executive session at the request of Hollingsworth to discuss security issues.

• congratulated city clerk Jim Koger for 10 years of service as an employee of the city. Schultz personally thanked Koger for his dedication to the city. The council also physically applauded his commitment to serve the community.

• heard from Hollingsworth on the acquisition of donated equipment from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. Two emergency light bars with all controls, wiring and mounts were procured with an estimated value of $3,000 each. The installation was also donated. Two new Kustom Eagle II radar units were donated with all the mounting equipment. The radar equipment is valued at $2,795.

• tabled Overbrook’s proposal for the development of a land bank. The explanation of the land bank is to return tax delinquent property to the productive benefitting the community. When considering the proposals of the land bank, preference would be given to projects that support home ownership, improving the neighborhood and otherwise advance the economic and social interest of the City of Overbrook and its residents.

• approved the donation of two $90 pool passes for the Santa Fe Trail After Prom.

• approved Koger to obtain bids for the purchase of new windows for the city hall and to investigate improving the air flow for the back offices of city, where the police department is housed.

• approved the planning and zoning commission contact Mike Mantle of the Petrous Development Group in regard to the easement concern and zoning restrictions on Maple Street and U.S. Highway 56. Dollar General, Inc. is presently pursuing the acquisition of the property at this location.

• heard from Hollingsworth that there have been two solicitors going door to door without the proper permits in accordance with Ordinance 159. Hollingsworth said the fines were $325 each.

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