Uncategorized Lyndon authorizes survey for wastewater options

Lyndon authorizes survey for wastewater options


LYNDON—Bruce Boettcher, BG Consultants, visited with Lyndon City Council members Monday, in talks to serve up options for wastewater treatment plans.

Boettcher proposed a preliminary engineering report to review options, including options to the city’s existing mechanical plant, a look into lagoon systems and more.

“How long do you think that study would take you guys to come up with?” asked Doug Watson, council member.

“Something that complicated, we’d be rushed to do in four, but I’d say probably six to nine months,” said Boettcher. “Let’s say nine months, to give a little room there.”

“We’re in a situation where, do we keep throwing money at an old plant and hope next KDHE doesn’t say it’s not good enough?” asked council member James Kneisler. “Or do we spend the money for long term, which I know is a lot of money… but for this community, I think it’d be good for us.”

Council member Chris Cole wondered if spending time and money looking at options for the current plant would be worthwhile.

“Are we spending our money wisely to get an estimate on that when it’s common knowledge it’s not going to work, or is it common knowledge?” asked Cole.

“To do due diligence, we need to look through it,” said Boettcher.

“In the past, they’ve kind of band-aided along for five or ten years at a time,” said Brandon Smith, mayor.

Cole motioned to approve the proposed fee of $12,235 to BG Consultants to proceed with a preliminary engineering report for sewer treatment facility improvements and options.

The motion received a second from newly appointed council member Steve Morrison, with unanimous approval.

In other business, the council:

• reviewed the 2014 Auditor’s Report with Harold Mayes, CPA, Agler & Gaeddert.

• heard public comments from residents along Washington Street, between 13th and 14th streets. Residents were concerned with future placement of the road. The council, along with Wilson, assured residents the project is in early stages, as a survey is being completed now, but work isn’t anticipated this year.

• held a 15-minute executive session to discuss personnel matters of non-elected personnel, with city attorney Pat Walsh present. No action was taken after the session.

• approved a building permit for the school district to expand the track to eight lanes.

• discussed council members attending various planning and zoning meetingsto discuss a comprehensive plan. Cole and Morrison plan to attend the June 3 meeting.

• reviewed city financial updates.

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