Uncategorized Rodeo Days wraps up kickin’ weekend

Rodeo Days wraps up kickin’ weekend


BURLINGAME—Burlingame Rodeo Days Organizer Mark Hecht led public comments at the start of the May 18 meeting of the Burlingame City Council.

“It went really well, except for the 15 minutes of blasting rain,” Hecht said.

The event included rodeo events Friday and Saturday night at the Burlingame arena, along with the parade, vendors and entertainment in downtown.

Hecht made special note of the city’s participation in a Poo Patrol fundraiser, which resulted in council members Leslie Holman and Doug Moon, and Vikki DeMars, mayor, cleaning up at the back of the horse parade.

“You guys stirred a lot of fun, and showed a lot of support for the city,” Hecht said.

Hecht also said he had a successful day with the vendors and downtown performances.

“Most of the vendors said they will be back next year,” Hecht said. “It was a total thing coming together, the saddle club, Dave (Prescott) and Pat (Rusher), those are the people that really made it work. I want everyone to know that it was a full community effort.”

Hecht said the only low point was the car show, which had a low turnout due to the weather.

Prescott, representing the Burlingame Saddle Club, also reported success.

“We fared very well on Friday night,” Prescott said. “The only glitch we had was three inches of rain on Saturday night. It ended up being a success for us. One night made it.”

Council members also commented on the construction of the stage next to Hecht’s business.

“I think Mark deserves all the kudos in the world,” Prescott said. “He pulled off a very good event in a short amount of time.”

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