Uncategorized Park equipment receives priority for block grant application

Park equipment receives priority for block grant application


CARBONDALE—The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) ideas generated at the April 13 Carbondale City Council special meeting were narrowed down to a tentative agenda for the CDBG project at the April 20 council meeting. While there were a few disagreements on finalized items selected, most citizens appeared to be satisfied with the improvements the grant will provide.

Pat Cox, of BG Consultants, figured an approximate total of $542,000 for every project that was suggested at the special meeting. While the grant will cover up to $350,000, it’s clear that some items must be discarded.

The $542,000 covered a few sidewalk repairs around town, internal sidewalks at both the new and old park, a shelter house, playground equipment, a hard-surface parking lot, lighting for the new park and parking areas, a bathroom for the new park, and a storm shelter.

“We start, at least in my mind, we should start with the playground equipment and shelter house,” said John Ryan, council member. “If we are going to do sidewalks, I think we need to start down around the schoolhouse,” Ryan said.

The council agreed with Ryan and decided that playground equipment and at least two shelter houses were a must. The council also decided to pursue resurfacing of the parking lot at the park, an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) certified bathroom in the new area of the park, associated lighting with all items, and sidewalk improvements. The sidewalk improvements, which would be up to ADA regulations, could be broken down into four sections: from Third Street to Fourth Street on the south side, from Main Street to Wells Street on the west side, from Third Street to the school, and internal sidewalks at the city park. The estimated total, not including lighting, was $273,570.

“Now all [BG Consultants] needs to do is fine-tune estimates,” Cox said.

A special meeting was set for 7 p.m. April 27 to discuss the finalized cost projections of the CDBG project.

In other business, the council:

• opened bids for street repairs. The three companies submitting bids were: Bettis Asphalt, $66,265; All-American Asphalt, $52,800; and Sunflower Asphalt, $111,067. The council accepted the low bid by All-American Asphalt.

• approved all city employees attend a sexual harassment class. “It is something that needs to be done,” Ryan said. The council paid $175 to have the League of Kansas Municipalities provide a seminar to full time employees on the subject. Part-time employees are required to complete an online sexual harassment course by June 1.

• discussed whether the city Christmas tree should be replaced with a smaller one. No decision was made.

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