Uncategorized Candidate Profiles: Overbrook council positions

Candidate Profiles: Overbrook council positions


The Osage County Herald-Chronicle is providing basic information on area candidates running for municipal and school board positions in the April 7 election.

Candidates for each position were contacted by mail at the address of filing and were asked to provide a photo and return questions about why they are running for office, issues and goals they wish to address, their past record of service and their relationship to the community.

Joanne Allen

Overbrook City Council

I have enjoyed serving the past four years on the Overbrook City Council and have learned a lot about city government. I want to continue to serve this community by making decisions that will be good for all residents. I consider it a privilege to serve this community.

This last year, two of us attended an emergency preparedness course and discovered that Overbrook did not have a plan to handle emergencies. We are working on that at this time with a committee and the city council to set up an emergency plan for the city. I would like to see it completed so Overbrook will be prepared for an emergency.

I have served as chairman of the Overbrook Veterans Memorial and president of the Overbrook Library Foundation for several years.

Jerry and I have lived in Overbrook for 39.5 years and raised our three children, Lars, Mike and Katrina here. I have taken several courses and attended several round tables since being on the city council to better understand city government and working with the community. These courses and Round tables were given by the League of Kansas Municipalities.

Sheila Dale

Overbrook City Council

After careful consideration and having several people ask me to run I decided that it was time to give back more to the community.

Several issues that have concerned me are the water quality and the ability to upgrade the lines in Overbrook, streets and bringing in more businesses to town. I feel that the city needs to have a strategic plan for the needs of the community and then how it can be accomplished. One of the goals that I would like to see accomplished is an Emergency Plan.

List any past accomplishments that have benefited the public, such as serving in an elected office or involvement in your community.

Currently I am serving in the community on the Emergency Management Committee and the Planning and Zoning Board. I was a member of Santa Fe Trail School Board, and have been serving with the Osage County Fire District No. 4 as a firefighter and medic (AEMT), for 26 years. I participated on various committees at school, church, sports, and in scouting. Other activities included teaching first responders and providing CPR classes for residents of Overbrook. I also have a background working for County Government and also the Federal Government.

My husband, Ken, and I have been a resident in Overbrook for 40 years and Overbrook is where we decided to raise our daughters. I graduated from Barton County Community College with a degree in Applied Science and graduated from Baldwin University with a degree in Business Administration and hold the following certifications: Advance Emergency Medical Technician and Training Officer, American Heart Association Instructor and Floodplain Manager.

Tammy J. Metzger
Overbrook City Council

For the past year I have served as a city council member, and I would like to continue in that role. Overbrook is a very active and positive community, as well as a wonderful place to live, and I feel that the involvement of the residents is a vital component in continuing to progress toward the future. I am willing and able to do whatever it takes to uphold and improve on the current standard of living in my town.

During the time I have served on the city council, I have worked with the maintenance department on a variety of issues and hope to continue that work towards ongoing improvements with our city streets, as well as improving the quality of water in our community.

This is my first involvement with city government, however in the past I have actively volunteered in my children’s schools, our churches and the various communities we have lived in.

My husband Paul and I have lived in Overbrook for the past six years. We have two grown children. I began working at Kansas State Bank in Overbrook in August of last year. I enjoy reading, painting and traveling with my husband when we can, and we both love living in Overbrook.

David Penrod

Overbrook City Council

I am running for office to serve the community that my family and I love. When I was assistant city clerk of Overbrook, I saw firsthand how we can better manage our resources and operate more efficiently. I would like to take these ideas to city council.

I would like to focus on fiscal responsibility in the budget, and explore grants that can benefit the community. Mostly, I would like to grow Overbrook. In many small towns, economic development stalls and the city becomes stagnant. It is crucial that we attract new citizens and businesses so that Overbrook continues to prosper.

As assistant city clerk, I worked with the staff and city council to save Overbrook about $17,000 by finding ways to streamline our expenses and cut out excess.

I have been a part of the Overbrook community for 17 years. I am an account manager at Sound United, Inc. My wife, Marni, has been on the Overbrook Public Library board since 2008. She is currently the board’s president. Both of our children grew up in Overbrook’s schools, playing at the ballpark and swimming at the pool. Our oldest, Maria, is a junior at K-State. Our son, Joe, is a senior at Santa Fe Trail High School. I like playing cards, golfing at Hidden Springs, playing softball, cooking and taking vacations with my family.

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