Uncategorized Osage City’s No. 2 pump fails at Melvern Lake

Osage City’s No. 2 pump fails at Melvern Lake


OSAGE CITY—Osage City Utilities Director updated the city council on a failure of one of the two pumps that supply water to Osage City and its water customers.

“Around the end of last week, we lost our No. 2 Melvern pump,” Gilliland told the council May 13. At that time, the failed pump was still being removed from the lake.

“They got it up out of there yesterday,” Gilliland said Thursday.

City maintenance workers loaded up the pump to be sent to Kansas City for inspection.

“So far we’re not heard anything about what actually cause the failure,” Gilliland said.

The loss of the motor puts the city in a potential bind, with only one pump serving the line which supplies water to the city, and its backup source, Osage City Lake, depleted.

“Given the circumstances, without our backup supply, being down to one pump and motor unit,” Gilliland said. “We really had to scramble to get people on the scene. I felt like they got a really good job.”

Gilliland’s office had already gone to work securing replacement parts, if needed.

“We have a motor located in Texas,” Gilliland said. “We can have it delivered in three days.”

The No. 2 pump had previously been rebuilt in 2009 at a cost of $61,746, with insurance covering $34,349 of the bill.

“We were fortunate with that one,” Gilliland said. “We’ll just keep our fingers crossed. Hopefully, it won’t be too bad.”

The city lake’s water level also affects the golf course, which has been dealing lake levels approaching unusable as well.

“I’ve got about a three-week period, if we don’t have any more rain,” said Lee Seastrom, Osage City Country Club board president.

The council agreed to leave the offer up of using City Water at $.80 per 1,000 gallons, as outlined at the previous meeting.

“In the interim, we ordered rain and that worked out fine,” said Osage City Mayor Quintin Robert. “I still have more rain ordered.”

In other business, the council:

• entered into a contract with Rodney D. Willis, Sterling, to act as city manager. Willis will begin duties on June 10.

• reviewed financing from Smoke in the Spring with Corey Linton, parks and recreation director. Resident Julie Carlson brought concerns about the $7,107.65 cost of the contest after $19,396.50 in revenue and $26,504,15 in expenses.

Council member Leroy Stromgren echoed Carlson’s concerns to lessen the cost to the city.

“Everybody wants to keep it rolling good,” Stromgren said. “If you can cut corners, wherever you can, I’d appreciate it.”

• instructed attorney Rick Godderz to write a resolution setting new rates for rental of the community center at $50 per day with a $100 deposit, and a $150 for events with alcohol. The city agreed to allow local non-profit entities to use the building without charge, including the Osage City Fair Board.

• moved forward with addressing the railroad crossing on Lakin St. Council directed city staff to publish numbers and information in local media and social media. Public may report the worsening conditions by calling (800) 632-5452 and reference DOT ID No. MP 84.93.

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