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Governor signs state of disaster emergency declaration

Gov. Sam Brownback has declared a State of Disaster Emergency for all of Kansas in response to the major winter storm moving through the state. The declaration authorizes state resources to assist communities affected by the winter storm still moving across Kansas.

"As predicted and expected, snow has been blanketing the state for several hours causing deteriorating travel conditions," said Brownback. "I want to continue to urge everyone to avoid travel unless it is absolutely essential."

Closings, cancellations and postponements: Feb. 4-6

Due to the snowfall Feb. 4-5, the following closings and cancellations have been reported for the Osage County area.

Sentences issued for high-speed chases

David B.A. Lehnherr, 22, Osage City, was sentenced to 12 months in Kansas Department of Corrections on Feb. 3 by Osage County District Court Judge Phillip M. Fromme. According to Osage County Attorney Brandon Jones, Lehnherr was convicted of felony fleeing and attempting to elude law enforcement officers in January.

Legislative Update – Bill could cost county $150,000

Greetings from the newly dedicated Kansas Statehouse. We are beginning to pick up steam as we close out the third week of the session and head into February. Committees have been meeting all week hearing bills. We will now start working bills, considering amendments and passing certain bills out of committee for consideration by the House.

Senior housing, Seventh Street closure discussed

LYNDON—The latest city council meeting brought outside guests for a number of issues, including economic developers, construction managers, surveyors and a visit from the USD 421 superintendent.

The board was first presented with resolution 14-01, a resolution in support of OWC Senior Apartments development project. While the council has discussed the housing issues in previous months, Stephanie Watson and others on the committee were pushing for a signed resolution the night of the meeting.

Public doesn’t have to be disagreeable to disagree

LYNDON—All members of the board, as well as several members of Lyndon and surrounding communities gathered for the first of two special meetings Tuesday night.

Guests slowly piled in the aged auditorium, witnessing the creaks of seating and a mysterious groaning noises that the superintendent later contributed to a problem-ridden boiler.

The board wanted to host the meetings to gather input about the proposed bond issue and building project from citizens of the district, and lengthy input is what they received.

Commissioners stress over budget, funding

LYNDON—Monday’s meeting may not have been noted as a happy one for most who approached the commissioner’s chambers. While several items were addressed on the agenda, one main theme was present Monday; maybe two. Gloom and despair.

“We have got such a wretched financial picture ahead of us,” said chairman of commissioners, Ken Kuykendall. “There is not much of anything that’s not on the table.”

LETTER: Industrial committee chairman supports airport expansion

As chairman of the Osage City Industrial Committee, I am writing in support of expansion of the local airport with the assistance of a Federal Aviation Administration grant. The grant will pay for 90 percent of the cost of the airport improvements and secure the future of our airport as one of the best airports for cities under 10,000 population, which enables our committee to retain and attract industry and the jobs they create.

LETTER: Elected officials should be held to high standard

I would like to think that the reporter made an error, that a member of the council grumbled “Blow it out your---” as a citizen was making her comments about the city’s trash rates. However, I fear that is not so.

It makes me both sad and at the same time offended that we have elected officials that would be so rude and crude in a public meeting and that a citizen’s comments would be dismissed in such a crude fashion. I do hope that after the meeting the mayor or someone took the council member off to the side and told him, Hey, clean up your act.



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