Downtown business owner seeks assistance

OSAGE CITY—A downtown business owner approached the Osage City Council at the Aug. 27 regular meeting concerning saving a structure that was damaged during a winter storm this year.

“I’m the owner of a building in dire need,” said Randy Sherman. “I've seen you had demolition permits. Is there anything in the city that could allow that $2,500 to go toward trash or material coming off the roof?”

“Not as it stands,” said Osage City Mayor Quintin Robert. “The demolition permit, as written, is for demolition and removal of dilapidated dangerous structures.”

Council discussion favored finding a way to help Sherman with the situation. Council member Bruce Schoepflin referenced the city’s aid to Reading following tornado damage.

“That was a natural disaster,” said Schoepflin. “We stepped up and helped them out. Randy's got a natural disaster. We need to step up to the plate and help him, too.”

Robert asked for the item to be placed on the agenda so the council could research available options.

“We'll see you in two weeks,” Robert said. “I'm not trying to work against. I'm trying to figure out how we can do something to help you.”

Bruce Boettcher, of BG Consultants, gave a wrap-up of the gas line project.

“We had it substantially complete July 12,” Boettcher said. “Everything's in service and customers are receiving gas through the new lines. One of the major items, change order No. 4, adjusts quantities to what was actually constructed out in the field.”

The change order showed a decrease of $67,903 from the $1,003,283.75 estimate.

“We probably want to go ahead and do that,” Robert said. “Thank you Bruce. You can come back any time you can save us some money.”

In other business, the council:
• approved the settlement with the council attorney following the Aug. 13 Kansas Open Meetings Act violation, to be signed by each council member. Due to councilman Rob Rowe’s absence, the council tabled scheduling associated KOMA training until all members could agree on a time.
• heard a citizen report from Richard Rieman about someone spraying his yard with weed killer at the intersection of Macon and Shuey streets. The council considered notification about illegal spraying.
• approved the appointment of USD 420 Board of Education member Mike Pitts to the parks and recreation board.
• approved state standard traffic ordinances.

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