County teams wrap up postseason runs

Osage County’s three remaining playoff football teams each reached the ends of their seasons tonight, coming up short in sectionals and sub-state games.

Bearcats undefeated season ends

BURLINGAME—The Burlingame Bearcats rolled into the home sub-state with an 11-0 record, hosting undefeated Hanover for a chance to play in the state championship. The Bearcats trailed by a touchdown early, and played catchup throughout the match.

Hannover opened the gap to 20 points, but Burlingame returned the difference to a touchdown at the start of the fourth quarter. Hanover, however, scored the final two touchdowns, ending the Bearcats’ season at 11-1.

Troy takes down Tigers

LYNDON—The Lyndon Tigers had a solid start, leading Troy 7-0 early in the game, but turnover and three straight touchdowns put Troy in the driver’s seat, leading 22-15 at the half. Troy away with the game in the final minutes to win 58-21.

The Tigers filed in behind sophomore quarterback Dawson Swineherd, who completed 12 of 17 passes for 115 yards and rushed for 138 yards on 43 carries. Swineherd, however, had two interceptions, along with a pair of Lyndon fumbles, that took the Tigers out of the game, despitee more than 350 yards of offense.

Chargers fall to Columbus

COLUMBUS—The Santa Fe Trail Chargers put up a solid showing against an undefeated Columbus team, leading the Titans 14-7 in the first half. Columbus took the leading touchdown in the second half, as the Chargers trailed 21-20, then 29-27. The Titans scored the final touchdown to end the Chargers season at 6-4.


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