City signs off on recreation project

CARBODNALE—The Carbondale City Council approved substantial completion and payment of final requests for the $314,000 recreation project for installation of playground equipment, bathrooms and sidewalk at City Park.

During its Jan. 16 meeting, the council hosted Patrick Cox, BG Consultants, and Garrett Nordstrom, Governmental Assistance Services, for discussion of the final checklist of items related to completion of the project.

“These are the 16 items that have either been completed, or still need to be completed,” Cox said. “Some could be considered as warranty work, not completed to achieve substantial completion.”

Cox outlined several items, including leveling of soil, reseeding to be completed in the spring, painting of bathroom doors and copula, completion of minor plumbing items at the bathrooms, gravel and cleaning. He said items such as concrete installation at the shelter house and electrical work had been completed, except for the hookup to the grid by Westar.

“From Jan. 13, there’s a one-year warranty period,” Cox said. “Everything in general, you have a one-year warranty period form the date of substantial completion. The contractor did not take exception to it, he signed it.”

Larry Hinck, council member, motioned to allow the mayor to sign the certificate of substantial completion for the project.

The council also unanimously approved payment applications No. 4 for $76,380.52; No. 5, a correction in the amount of -$13,127.22; and No. 6, the final payment, for $15,736.74.

“There won’t be a pay request No. 7?” Hinck asked.

“Nope, that’s final,” Cox said to the council.

Nordstrom also said he had met with the Kansas Department of Commerce to complete the grant process.

“Everything went smoothly,” Nordstrom said. “All our monitoring is just perfect.”

The city will be reimbursed for $246,586.62 of the $314,734.87 project.

Tower lease request

The council hosted a second meeting with Kwicom Communications, Iola, to install communications equipment on the water tower in order to allow data service to the area. Kwicom representatives spoke to the council initially at the Jan. 3 meeting.

“We didn’t make a formal proposal as far as the terms of any contract, in terms of money,” said John Vogel, president of Kwicom. “We were just introducing ourselves, in terms of moving forward with working together. The contract we have here, has a couple numbers in it.”

The contract had an initial offer of $200 per month to lease the tower.

“That, as we stated, is negotiable,” Vogel said. “There are services we can offer, in kind.”

“Generally, we will provide free Internet service to various city locations,” Vogel said. “Some basic phone services.”

Paula Tryon, city clerk, said the city currently has Internet at three locations, which it pays $175 per month for, and a fourth location at the water plant, which it pays $90 a month for.

“That’s some pretty good savings for the city,” said Zachery Peres, vice president of Kwicom.

Peres said the company offered a similar package to Williamsburg, along with free public WiFi in areas and $100 monthly rent.

“We’ll get all of us together and do some discussing,” said Mike Fulton, mayor.

“If you guys make a decision, we’ll be happy to come to the next meeting,” Peres said.

In other business, the council:

• heard the city had two new pumps installed by Alliance for $37,884.86, along with a spare pump that will be housed at the city shop.

“You now have two brand new pumps, thermal protection, leak protection, and a spare,” said Brad Haugh, public worker. “We’re getting pretty close to having a working plant out there, the way it ought to be.”

The new pumps were approved at the Jan. 3 meeting.

• received a police update from Gordon Smith, police chief, on the 2001 Ford Crown Victoria, which he said needed around $2,000 in repairs, not including the repair of the driver’s seat airbag.

“That’s a safety violation,” Smith said. “If we have an officer get injured, that’s a major lawsuit.”

Smith said he could get a 2009 or newer Crown Victoria for under $4,000 from Shawnee County, who retire their vehicles at 75,000 miles. Smith said there may also be the option to purchase a truck from the county.

“He told me end of February he’d have one available,” Smith said.

Smith would update the council at the next meeting.

• approved an amendment to article 5, limiting new residential construction to homes 750 square feet or larger.

• approved the land-water conservation fund.

• set a work session to discuss the pay scale for 7 p.m. Jan. 30

• approved the 2016 treasurer’s report to be published in the official newspaper.

• conducted a 10-minute executive session to discuss non-elected personnel.

• approved a motion to forgo utility payments from the library for its direction as a tenant of the city hall building.

• approved a 50-cent per hour raise for Dustin Bretsnyder, public worker, effective Jan. 23.

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