Carbondale considers reconditioning of lift stations

CARBONDALE —Sam Johnson, project manager for BG Consultants, told the Carbondale City Council two lift stations in Carbondale need $56,000 in improvements.

“We’re working with low dollars, trying to contribute as much as possible,” said Johnson.

Alliance Concrete Pumps gave Johnson two options, rehabilitation or reconditioning. The cost for proposed rehabilitation of the main lift station jumped from $7,500 to $20,000. The Tucker Avenue station increased from $40,737 to $87,169 or more. If the cheaper option is chosen for the Tucker station, all the pumps would be taken out and a bypass pump system would be installed. The pumps would then be sent to Alliance for cleaning and rehabilitation.

“Cleaning the whole thing rehabilitating it, sand blasting it, epoxy coating it, pulling the pumps apart, new control panel, new valves, gaskets that kind of thing, that’s the $87,000,” said Johnson.

The more expensive option would cost $107,000 and would be an all-new lift station. This option includes a backup generator, pump reconditioning, control panel, piping out to the propane tank, pulling the lift station out, taking it to the shop and sand blasting.

Larry Hinck, council member, expressed concerns over purchasing of the pump with only a year-long guarantee. “That new one should be guaranteed longer than that, shouldn’t it?” Hinck asked. “I’ll make a motion to take the new one, but they’re going to have to do better than a year guarantee.”

The grant provided by the Community Development Block Grant program was already used. The city has $743,000 remaining from the state loan. A major rehabilitation would cost $760,000 and replacement would cost $781,000.

“We’re 40,000 short, just say it,” Hinck.

A motion was passed 4-0 to accept the more expensive option 1, 2b and 3b. This decision includes replacement of the Tucker station pump and acceptance of the Alliance pump bids.

Wastewater facility bridge

Johnson provided a handout to aid council members in deciding whether to make the bridge leading to the Carbondale wastewater facility. The bridge is on property owned by the city and there is a discrepancy on whether the school district property extends to the bridge.

“What’s the disadvantage over public or private?” asked Cheryl K. Lister, council member.

“If your bridge is public, you could get federal assistance,” replied Johnson.

Hinck motioned to build the bridge with a gate. The private bridge would have a gate on the east and west end for limited access, and to have complete blockage of the southern slope.

Extensive water use

The last water meter reading at the Cornerstone Church Parsonage was 97,000 gallons. According to the item listed on the agenda, the church was using its garden hose to supply water.

“That’s more than the swimming pool,” said Paula Tyron.

“That’s illegal, that’s why you have back flow preventers at the pool.” said Brad Haugh, maintenance.

A motion was passed to have Mike Fulton, mayor, sign a cease and desist letter. If not heeded, both water flows are to be cut off.

In other business, the council:

• requested 500 hours service on the Bobcat loader and Bobcat excavator. The loader estimate was $1,205.75 and the excavator is $969.05.

• learned that meetings begin April 1 for the neighborhood watch program. Signs are being made.

• motioned to place an advertisement to hire a new person to feed fish.

• heard that the owners of 410 N. Topeka want to have their property zoned as a single family dwelling, from a business.

• learned that the compliance officer is moving to Osage City, and asked if she could continue in that position in Carbondale. The council decided she could keep her position if it didn’t affect attendance.

• heard the fish feeder on the Mercer family property needs anchored.

“That could have been done this week, but 70 mph wind is not conducive to that,” said Haugh.

• heard from Jolene Rickerson, who requested to have her mother’s $608 water bill reduced. Rickerson said she had a broken pipe. The council approved reducing the bill by half.

• heard from Kandy Hinck, librarian, that books continue to be checked out at a high rate in Carbondale.

• approved the city pay scale for office supervisor, city treasurer, recreation treasurer, city clerk, assistant city clerk, maintenance employees, police officers and full time police officers.


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