Blue-green algae alert continues at Melvern Lake

Hot and sunny weather combined with high nutrient levels create ideal conditions for harmful algae bloom growth. Blue-green algae blooms are unpredictable and can develop rapidly and may float or drift around the lake. If there is scum, a paint-like surface or the water is bright green, avoid all water contact and keep pets away.

The presence of blue-green algae has been confirmed in the Outlet Swim Beach and Outlet Campground River Pond. These areas are under a warning based on cyanobacteria/toxin results from testing conducted by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. The swim beach has been closed. Those looking to swim are encouraged to go to Coeur d’Alene swim beach. These areas will stay under a warning until weekly testing yields new results. The main lake remains safe for recreation, swimming, and fishing.

When a warning is issued, KDHE recommends the following precautions be taken.
• Avoid areas of visible algae accumulation.
• Clean fish and rinse with clean water. Consume only the fillet portion, discarding other parts.
• Humans, pets and livestock should not drink or come in contact with untreated lake water. Dogs are highly susceptible to algae toxins.
• Do not eat or allow pets to eat dried algae.
• If lake water comes in contact with skin or pet fur, wash with clean water as soon as possible.


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